Radio 4 – Electrify

From the first time I got an earful of Radio 4 at 15th Street Tavern, I was hooked. The group continually moved up the dial since our interview with Anthony Roman, Radio 4’s vocalist, bassist, and part-time keyboardist, and the proprietor of “Somethin’ Else” record store in New York, although the band takes the underwater […]

Gomez – Movin’ Onward, Upward And Your Body

The picture laid out in the Gomez bio could be any average group of guys hanging out on a Saturday, maybe on their way to grab a few pints at the pub after a bit of football at the park – laughing, causal T-shirt attired, and relaxed. That may be how they are still, or […]

The Company (Robert Altman)

The Company

The Company (2003, Robert Altman) The first lines spoken in Robert Altman and Neve Campbell’s ballet film The Company are about drama. A male dancer advises Ry (Campbell) that whatever it was they were discussing is “too much drama. Not worth the time.” Nothing could be further from an accurate description of the film, but […]

Starsailor – Silence is Easy


It was SXSW 2002. My music freak counterpart and I were on a mission to see seven bands in seven different venues this one particular evening. Our ventures took us to the largest venue of all, where photos were not allowed and the people the pouring in like a movie premier. We hadn’t actually “heard” […]