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The Coup – Party Music

The Coup IS Party Music. Always was! This disc takes the logical next step(s) in the development of a group consistently that makes you shake that ass AND stick it to the man. Finally getting’ some Tommy Boy representation, The Coup have achieved an artist-formerly-and-once-again-known-as-Prince sort of album with lyrics that move you physically and mentally at once. Always the revolutionary band, first blood is drawn on this latest release with ‘5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO’:

“We’ve got/5 million ways to kill a CEO/Slap him up and shake him up/and then, you know/Let him off the flo’/then bait him with the dough/you can do it funk or do it disco.”

Follow that.


What I can’t understand is, why are they pushing this album NOW? I mean, it’s been out since 2001. (The original cover delayed the release of the record after 9/11, as it depicted the band blowing up the Twin Towers. Oops.) Nonetheless, this album is getting hyped like mad right now. Maybe it’s a response to the re-burglary of the White House by G. W. Bush, LLC. In any case, my point is, I wanna be reviewing a NEW Coup album by now!

You know, though, Party Music is good enough to be reviewed three years after it dropped; and that alone makes it a damn fine album.

PS – Pam the Funktress scratch the one and twos with her one and twos. Go see The Coup live!

Jef is also one of our resident DJs, and did a mint job New Year’s Eve. It was a wonder I didn’t walk out of the party with ranch dip in my hair and chips up my nose. Look for him at a local bar…yea, with a drinks in his had, but also getting the trashy goove on for the rest of you Denver folks.


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