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Bullistic – Chronicles of Love & Hate

The name, album title, cover artwork and band photo say it all – RRRRRRRAAAAAARRRRWWWW!!! Yes, this is Bullistic – metal the way your mamma intended it. The fortunate thing about nü-metal is it seems to be dead, at least as it existed in the variation best described Henry Rollins in the film “Punk: Attitude.” You know the style – start slow, add in a little rap bit, and then build up to the larger-than-life breakdown in the middle of the tune.


Bullistic shuns nü-metal and takes it back to where that wave began in the late ‘80s. Simply put, Bullistic pisses on the Limp Bizkits of the world, leaving a trail of dead in their wake. Sure, you’ve heard this before, but not quite in this fashion. The sound on Chronicles Of Love & Hate takes the semi-automatic guitar chops that made Helmet made so compelling, channels Black Sabbath via Mike Patton stylings, mixes in the haunting call of Alice In Chains, and returns the guitar solo to metal. Three cheers for the boys from Bullistic.

And if none of that is enough for you, you don’t want to miss the quartet’s cover of “Stuck In The Middle.” Michael Madsen’s Vic Vega character might not be able to dance quite as affectively to this iteration, but it’s a winner just the same.


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