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Mr. J. Medeiros – Of Gods and Girls

Mr. J. Medeiros seems to have taken some time away from his beloved Procussions to delve into a personal, cathartic journey on Of Gods And Girls. Life’s ups, downs, loves and losses flow through his blood stream, causing the peptides in his brain to release thoughts, emotions and reactions through the end of his pen and into the mic. There’s also a softer side of Medeiros that emerges, beginning with the ode to “Amelie” that features the French touch of 20Syl of Hocus Pocus, pulsing with R&B tendencies.

As with most artists, Medeiros can’t help but be in observation mode as opposed to many who walk the earth with blinders on. Maybe that’s why where the term “tortured artists” was derived from, because the world is not always is simple, pretty and happy as the commercials on T.V. “Apathy,” which features Colorado’s DJ Vajra, speaks truth in powerful terms, plucking from history while spotlighting the state of our lives today. His keen connection to the world outside, to something as heavy as sexual exploitation and human trafficking, rises on “Constance,” taking a stab at the darker side of sexuality, secrecy, deception and the selling of goods and services in human form.

The female energy is definitely a source of power for this album, from his grandmother’s word of encouragement left on a voice mail message, the relationship between a mother and a son, to the turmoil of a woman’s influence on his state of being.

While also spotlighting his personal turbulence, from heartache to dealing with financial issues and the trials of putting out an album, Medeiros pulls out the defiance of punk rock on aggressively charged “Keep Pace,” where he believes every one of us can “whether any storm” and be healed, busting through the clouds that hang over our heads.

Of Gods and Girls shines a bright light on this lyrical and musical talent from Colorado. Granted, he’s moved on with his mates in The Procussions to Los Angeles where they’ve found it easier to do what they do, but we’ll always considered them to be our homeboys.


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