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Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw

Anyone who can lay down an improv rhyme in front of Usher, Jay-Z, and L.A. Reid and walk away with a record deal demands some respect.

Louise Amanda Harman, aka Lady Sovereign, is back to spit out her next album (Jigsaw) of chocky tracks dripping with that delish Bri-ish accent. “So Human” pays homage with samples from the Cure’s “Close to Me,” a concoction of upbeat synth that twists the goth-rock original into a new take on what it means to have a bad day. “Bang Bang” employs a combo of laser beam sounds effects with smart-mouth vocals a la Lily Allen. “I Got You Dancing” would easily find a home on the floor of dance clubs with its deep clapping beats and electro voice alterations.


At the age of 23, Sovereign is playing to her strengths as an MC while simultaneously experimenting with effects and beats to create a varied, yet sonically consistent, album. With most tracks near or under three-and-a-half minutes, Sovereign masters the art of the short, layered, beat-heavy rap hop sandwich that she’s serving up on this record.

I’ll take a bite outta that.

Lady Sovereign comes to the Bluebird in Denver on Monday, May 18, performing with Chester French (another great band!), and Hollywood Holt. For more tour dates, visit her MySpace.


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