Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw

Anyone who can lay down an improv rhyme in front of Usher, Jay-Z, and L.A. Reid and walk away with a record deal demands some respect. Louise Amanda Harman, aka Lady Sovereign, is back to spit out her next album (Jigsaw) of chocky tracks dripping with that delish Bri-ish accent. “So Human” pays homage with […]

White Lies – To Lose Your Life

White Lies – To Lose Your LifePolydor/Universal White Lies, I want to like you. I really do. Your album, To Lose Your Life, is rife with great production value, a sort-of-gloom-and-doom quality in its references to chapel steps and plethora of minor chord progressions, and a cornucopia of vocal reverb. But alas, White Lies, the […]