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Brother Ali – The Truth is Here

Brother Ali is one of the most consistent MCs on the microphone today. His previous Rhymesayers releases have been hailed by critics and fans alike. This time around, Ali goes the short and sweet route, issuing The Truth Is Here as a 9-song EP that has only one guest appearance: Atmosphere’s Slug, who is the Ying to Ali’s Yang on the high-powered, “The Believers.”

But, Ali doesn’t need a go-to-guy, or a crooner; he can handle things all on his own. And he handles things just fine.

Stepping away from just talking about himself—even though that is his “favorite subject”—Ali addresses the lost youth of today on the moody funk of “Little Rodney”. Coming back with a grimmer backdrop and a hook that ends with “I can’t live another day like this…” Ali digs even deeper for “Philistine David,” a song that thrives on synthesized bass and chilling keys. “Good Lord” has the Brother sing-songing ala 50 Cent’s “21 Questions,” while the light-hearted “Baby Don’t Go” offers up romance blue-collar style.

But, as you know, there’s no stopping this former battle tested MC when he’s just spitting the real. And this he does on the opening, jazzed up “Real As Can Be,” where he drops the skinny on what’s been going on in his world the last year or so. He continues this on the disco-infused “Talkin’ My Shit,” and drops an exclamation on it with the jazzy “Begin Here.”

As gifted as Brother Ali is, you want this record to continue after track 9. Especially since the indelible Ant, as usual, finds the perfect musical balance for Ali’s observations. However, it’s also very refreshing to have an album that doesn’t have you seeking the skip button after every song! In other words, if you want filler, grab a beer. If you want truth in your rap music, it’s here!


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