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Say Hi to Your Mom – Numbers & Mumbles

Say Hi to Your Mom

As a music critic, I can’t help but love the lyrics to the first track on this is sweet and alluring album, “Pop Music Of The Future”. With all the hoop-la and genre references (and writers are the most guilty of pulling out stereotypes), guessing at who will be the next darlings to be hip enough to win over the MTV kids and get the cover Spin, these lyrics point out the sheer idiocy of so many people’s penchant for cool, “Fired her whole band for liking 99 Beats / She’s got a loft space, takes the L Train to Betherford / Runs with some cool kids that are actors but dress like nerds…she’s a shaker but not a mover / She plays pop music of the future / Back in the ‘80s she wanted to be in a hair band / And then in the ‘90s she only wore corduroy pants / And then there was Emo, but that was just a phase / Cause it’s all been downhill since Sunny Day Real Estate first record.”

The irony is this album is brimming with cool – while completely void of ignorant arrogance – with floating stream vocals that glide over minimal percussion, sporadic rockin’ guitars and stripped down, twisted up techy gadgets, all the while analyzing the habits of everyday humanity. Numbers and Mumbles is warm and inviting while the words behind the music have that biting, cynical appeal, often singing many of the same thoughts that run through our head when we’re out at a club, having one of those uncomfortable moments with a significant other, or walking to our cars in the Target parking lot, surrounded by families of five seem to be living the generic American life.



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