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Junior Boys – Last Exit

Dim the lights, break out the fake bear rug, and fire up the place with this voluptuous, effervescent silk ensemble of sultry sexiness. To hell with the electro-pop, daytime masquerade. This is all about the midnight train to the land of rotating beds and mirrored ceilings.


From the northern reaches of Canada, Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark have no doubt made the music to stay warm to, where the motion makes the potion. Smooth as Korbel brandy, Greenspan’s vocals meld fluidly with the fluttering heartbeat, the rhythmic breathing and swing of the hips.

On disk two, the original track “Birthday” is stripped down to the proverbial suit, taken to a darker, deeper place than before. “Last Exit” is sent into the celestial planes with a road soda in the form a Fennesza mixed cocktail. Yes, there are glimmers of ’80s retro here and there, but these boys are all about living in the now and dreaming of the future.


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