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Guy In The Middle – Double Salmi

There’s something to be said for local bands: for the most part, there are a number of acts that are worthy of a lot more recognition than they receive, while many others should remain within the confines of their private spaces. In the case of Guy in the Middle, they would fall into the second category.

Exhibit A: The vocals. The press release compares lead singer Ryan Christopher’s off-key amateur voice to Henry Rollins, the lead singer of Black Flag! Are they serious?


Exhibit B: The lyrics. “All these animals are looking at me / somebody took their comics away / and now their getting crazy. Oh there’s lions / oh there’s tigers / and they’re holding one big strike. And all these monkeys are looking crazy / they’re looking right at me.” Enough said.

Exhibit C: The bass player. Anyone who has ever attended high school should recall the jazz band. Remember the bass player and how they could only play about 3 notes, all on the down beat with the occasional syncopated surprise? By listening to this album, I am reminded of “Jazz x 10,” the Jr. High jazz band on the SNL skit “Wake up Wakefield,” where the bassist can only handle the minimum amount of responsibility in keeping the beat before they break into a vicious sweat. (This has nothing to do with the fact that the bass player is a girl, by the way).

Kaffeine Buzz is a big supporter of local music. That being said, here’s my closing statement: Guy in the Middle is guilty of leaving the practice studio before they’re ready to really entertain.


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