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Mike Barsch Tells Us – Even With the Closure of Tulagi’s, Soda Jerk is Still Rockin’

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Mike Barsch Tells Us – Even With the Closure of Tulagi’s, Soda Jerk is Still Rockin’

Ok, so here is the offical word… Tulagi is done. Finished, goodbye, adios. Sucks! We made our attempt to purchase the club, but as we got further down the road we found out there was only 11 months left on the lease with no guarantee from the owner of the building to renew the lease. Odds are he would not renew the lease as his master plan is to turn The Hill into one big homogenized cesspool of chain stores and corporate eateries, all to be overseen by the good lord himself. These people are insane and unless you have more money than them, they will dominate. So kids, once again, greed has managed to destroy another venue for the proliferation of creativity, a place where people can meet, a place where friends are made and a place where memories are created that will last a lifetime. It’s a real shame. I know all the bands that played Tulagi loved it and I know a lot of the fans (myself included) loved to see shows there. It will be missed. Luckily for us all, we have our memories and that’s one thing no one can buy or take away from us.

For those of you in Boulder, we will continue to do as many shows as we can in Boulder, provided it makes sense. For those of you in Denver, here we come. I am overwhelmed by the number of clubs in Denver that have contacted us to book shows in their room. I’m really flattered, as I feel it’s a real reflection on the job we do as an independent promoter. I’m still not sure where we’ll end up and call home, but for now many of our shows have moved to Cervantes on 2637 Welton St. in Denver. You can go to our website at for more info. I’m a huge fan of Cervantes. I feel it’s the perfect sized room with a great PA, light rig and staff. I think everyone will feel comfortable seeing shows there and I look forward to this new chapter.




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