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Black Black Ocean – Eaglemanic

In this rendition of “me generation” rhythms and beats, Black Black Ocean seems to say, “I love me. Listen to me. Look at me in my fancy threads and matching headband,” complete with at least a two foot CD cover, when folded out, that has every pose and expression imaginable so we can see all their cults of personality, and is ready for pinning above your bed at home. Make sure not to neglect the outside artwork, crafted by Jonathan Till (Stephen’s brother), an amalgamation of flowers, eagle headed women, high heels, and an real live army man ready to take you on.


Radio 4 from New York is green with envy, and they don’t even know it yet. But they will be when they hear track seven with stripped down, anguished “SM, c’mon and make it tighter/SM, I thought you were a fighter/SM I love the way you hurt me/SM, insult me and desert me.”

Although the coke scene was pretty prevalent in the ’70s thanks to Studio 54, it’s the white line craze of the ’80s BBO connects to, an era of Flock of Seagulls do’s and fashion don’ts. “I Love You Like Cocaine” rolls up its sleeves and pegs its pants with a packed nose-full of heavy keyboards that puts Ross Geller to shame. If you start to see a rise in frantic people with wide pupils running out of ballroom stalls as Starbuck’s stock goes down, you may look to the BBO cartel as the gansta’s who got it all flowing again.

A former member of Mars Volta who left the heralded band to seek his own creative freedom inspired their eagle mania, which you’ll be able to witness at their CD release party this Friday, complete with party hats gone wild. This egoistic chap was kind enough to allow the BBO troupe to bunk at his homestead whilst on tour, and in return, he had an ear for all of his self-promoting banter. To their knowledge, he hasn’t made it past the city limits of El Paso, but who knows, he could be sharing a spoon of H, er, a glass of iced tea with Al of Ministry who went their to “escape” the world of drugs conveniently located next to the Mexican border.

As a former accountant for Arthur Anderson, one can expect that Ryan Eason will be having a better time this weekend than Former Enron Chairman and Chief Executive Kenneth Lay. Just a guess.

The release of Eaglemaniac from this Denver band shows a real progression from their last two releases, adding more toys to the bedroom romp, make things even more exciting and impossible for one to sit still. Play it loud and play it plowed.

Black Black Ocean plays this Friday July 9 at Rock Island with A Hint Of Red, Constellations, Atlas. Come early—the show starts at 7:30pm. There will be an after party starting at around 9:30pm at Larimer Lounge where the boys will be on hand to spin some tunes for your listening pleasure, along with Your Enemies Friends, Read Yellow, Red Planet.


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