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Aalacho – Electro

If anyone knows this diva, they know that I’ll sweat and sway with the best of ’em when it comes to rocking out to electro. On Friday nights I throw on my Emma Peel boots and blonde hairpiece, wigging out to the best that Tyler and Michael can throw out, buying rounds for the transgenders, some of which need a queer eye for the straight guy make-over (I love you guys, but girlfriend pa-leese know the cardinal rule: accentuate the eyes or the lips, not both, otherwise you’ll be imitating the Colfax queens).


Throwing in Aalacho’s Electro, I expected myself to get distracted from polishing my kings and knights in preparation for my date later that evening: a night of strip chess and brandy. I kept waiting for the first track, “Pompeii” to take off so I could break out some bustin’ moves under my personal mirrored ball, but it stayed at this low, temperate level. So I thought, “Well, maybe that was a good thing, to go in a different direction from any given formula, if one exists.” But it left me feeling like I had musical blue balls.

The Beatles rendition of “Ticket To Ride” got the toes a tappin’, but I found that Aalacho, a.k.a. Mr. Nathan Scott from Seattle, needs a little coaxing to warm up. “It’s Not About Love” gets those fingers sliding up and down the neck of some rippin’ guitars, compliments of another Seattle-ite Derek Armstrong as well as New York’s Sam McIlvain, while Scott added the drum pumping with his little synth machine. Then I knew the party was started. Then the “Atomic Playboy” entered the room and I had to surrender to the groove, which has the underlying bass beat of many a New Order song.

I can say that Nathan can serenade to me anytime, with his sexy charm and suave finesse. And who better to add a needed shaker of spice to the ho-hum track “Pompeii” than Felix da Housecat, as he remixes with his signature boogie flair.


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