Black Black Ocean – Eaglemanic

In this rendition of “me generation” rhythms and beats, Black Black Ocean seems to say, “I love me. Listen to me. Look at me in my fancy threads and matching headband,” complete with at least a two foot CD cover, when folded out, that has every pose and expression imaginable so we can see all […]

The Briefs – Sex Object

With each waking day, when hope is high and all things are possible, the song sadly remains the same: bright moments in modern music are still far and few between. Nowhere is this more evident than in the punk scene, where its pop varietal seems to have more lives than famed horror villain Jason.

Various Artists – The Sensitive Guy’s Guide to Groovy Music – Paisley Pop

Sensitive Guy's Guide to Groovy Music

With perhaps the exception of the Now That’s What I Call Music series of ‘various artists’ (V/A) compilations, you don’t usually see a lot of V/A material topping the charts. The latest offering from Paisley Pop entitled The Sensitive Guy’s Guide to Groovy Music probably won’t be topping the charts any time soon. Chart ratings […]