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Kaffeine Buzz Presents: Chain and the Gang at Hi-Dive

Okay kiddies, it’s time to dust off your twist and shout moves for a Monday night party at Hi-Dive (April 23) when Chain and the Gang come to town to knock socks, shoes and the random wig clear off. Along with Conjugal Visits, Reckless Nights and DJ SL8R, the band will carry the rock ‘n roll torch that’s been blazing their entire tour.

Frontman Ian Svenonius tapped his social music circle to architect Chain and the Gang, from Sarah Pedal from Seahorse Liberation Army, Brian Weber from Dub Narcotic Sound System, Brett Lyman from Bad Thoughts, and Fred Thomas from Saturday Looks Good to Me. The band’s debut album Down With Liberty…Up With Chains! was release in 2009 on K Records, and a U.S. tour followed with Hive Dwellers, led by Calvin Johnson, the K Records founder.

Chain… hit the studio once more, releasing Music’s Not For Everyone in 2011 (guessing it was dedicated to Tipper Gore). The title track features Svenonius’ spoken word on the topic, drawing a line in the sand between unconscious music listeners, the ones who actually listen to the radio (“does a body know a bullet just ‘cause it got hit?”) and those of us who see it as a religion. Yes, it is righteous snobbery, one that I’m sure we can all appreciate.

Yes, this is a rebellion for the ageless, ripped up loud and raw, from the smoky tavern guitar fury of “Detroit Music” part 1 and 2, to the beach blanket, dysfunctional love affair of “For Practical Purposes (I Love You)”, and yes, even “Youth Is Wasted On The Young.”

If you’ve recently quit smoking, I recommend getting one of those electronic cigarettes, ‘cause after Chain and the Gang is done with you, the urge for that after-sex smoke will be more than you can handle. Readying your coughing, “I’m so sick” voice for that call to the boss to play hooky on Tuesday may be in order as well.

Chain and the Gang come to Denver at Hi-Dive on Monday, April 23, performing with Conjugal Visits, Reckless Nights and DJ SL8R. Tickets: Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm, $8.00 – $10.00.


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