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Kaffeine Buzz Presents: Tin Horn Prayer at Hi-Dive

If you’ve spent any time in Denver going to shows, you’ll know the game of musical chairs our city’s musicians have perfected over the years. You’ll also see the case in point within Tin Horn Prayer’s line-up: Scooter James of Love Me Destroyer and Pinhead Circus, Mike Herrera of Blackout Pact and Sleeperhorse, Andy Thomas of Only Thunder and Ghost Buffalo, as well as Eric Epling, Camden Trendler, and Ethan Steenson. Well, the whole shebang gang unites on stage this Thursday, April 26 at Hi-Dive, performing with Alone at 3am, Serious Moonlight, and Lizzie Huffman.

To say that Hi-Dive will rake in some serious bar dinero is an understatement when you’re talking a night of honky-tonk sing songs rooted in punk and rock at its heart, where musical bonds were made way back when and memories were lost in various bars around town.

Tin Horn Prayer’s debut Get Busy Dying from 2010 is multifaceted with sweet sides of banjo lullabies along side hard vocal chorus lines, “Gonna make those Goddamn people pay!” on “The Devil Makes Me” and mosh-pit square dance of “Crime Scene Clean Up Team.”

The follow up E.P. Untitled/Unreleased from 2011 (“Album title?! We don’t need no stinking album title!!”) sprints out of the gate with “Call A Priest,” a ride of lovely guitar work, compelling story line and vocal levels that will most likely burn out the chords buy the end of the set – which is expected to include new Tin Horn Prayer songs.

If you’re looking for a night of flowery, pretty folk music, I would wait for Bon Iver to play Red Rocks. If you’re looking to blow off steam with shots of whiskey and regroup after a fight you got in with your boss or your significant other, than this night will be more healing than any Sunday mass. It won’t be pretty. But it’ll be fucking fun.

Thursday, April 26: Tin Horn Prayer, Alone at 3am, the very cool Serious Moonlight, including members of Photo Atlas, and Lizzie Huffman, with doors at 8pm and show at 9pm. Tickets are $7.00:


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