The Loved Ones – Keep Your Heart

After years as a roadie, then stage manager for the likes of Kid Dynamite, Sick of it All, The Explosion, and Bouncing Souls, Dave Hause finally took the advice of his peers and followed his own dream of fronting a band. After recruiting fellow Philadelphians, and longtime friends Michael “Spider” Cotterman (bass), and Mike Sneeringer […]

Mudhoney – Under a Billion Suns

With Under a Billion Suns, Mark Arm and company whip out their best Iggy and launch a little Rocket From The Crypt, tackling politics, and yet, keeping it pure Sasquatch rock. It’s a strange recipe to swallow. Mudhoney has a nearly twenty year-old reputation to live up to. That’s almost two decades with hardly a […]

Prefuse 73 – Security Screenings

It’s weird when a predominately instrumental artist releases an album that features an over-reliance on vocals. Prefuse 73, not expected or even known for this sort of practice, did this with last year’s Surrounded By Silence. Not only was the flow of the album hindered by the likes of Ghostface Killah, Aesop Rock and others; […]

Ursula Rucker – Ma’At Mama

Ursula Rucker is in love with Prince. “If I would go through a hard time,” she says in her bio, “I would listen to something otherwordly godlike so sexy and so fine. It was all I needed.” With her latest release Ma’at Mama, she gives those of us who jones for some of that Love […]

T-Kash – Turf War Syndrome

T-Kash is the leader of the new revolution. After making a strong debut, and many incendiary recordings with the Californian progressive collection known as The Coup (he appeared on both Steal This Album and Party Music), the Bay Area activist teams up with Paris to help light the fire under an apathetic generation. Turf War […]