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The Sounds – Dying to Say This to You

Sweden’s The Sounds play sugar-candy pop with a tang to it, like a multi-layered lollipop on Dying to Say This to You.

They’ve been labeled as part of the ‘80s revival, and that’s not really wrong. At times their dance-rock sounds like country-mates the Sahara Hotnights, with similar vocals, attitude and rockin’ guitar, but more on the electronica side of the club. They conjure up images of a dance floor full of pale, lanky, black-clad Scandinavian lovelies with perfect hair and makeup. It makes me miss my dance club deep in the heart of pre-Katrina New Orleans.


Their frosted-ice-queen singer, Maja Ivarsson, looks like a cross between Nico and Debbie Harry, but sounds more like a young Joan Jett with an accent, singing over electro-pop that veers from the Go-Go’s to New Order in tone and style. It’s luscious and fun and hip and retro-cool.

You’ll love the Sounds. Can someone arrange for them to tour with the Sights, just for me? They’re even on the same record label…


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