The Fleshtones – Beachhead

Garage rockers extraordinaire, The Fleshtones, have popped out their 13th studio-conceived bouncing sonic baby with Beachhead. For a band that now has a coven of LP’s, begging one to ask, “Is there any end in site?” Doubtful.

Hamrick – Songs That Make No Sense

I try to use humor when writing my reviews, though not always successfully. I like to poke fun at much of the self-seriousness that hangs around bands like the odor of dead cat hangs around my basement. So I find myself completely disarmed when I come across a musician who clearly does not take himself […]

The Omens – Destroy the ESP

You see them everywhere; on the covers of magazine, thrashing about in music videos, rolling off the assembly line with their perfectly messy hair via Queer Eye endorsed product, maybe one is completely shaven, ones a screamer while another croons for the ladies. The era of cute boy bands has transformed into a false sense […]

Various Artists – Six Feet Under: Everything Ends – Astralwerk

Six Feet Under: Everything Ends

If you’re a fan of the HBO Series, Six Feet Under, you’ll instantly recognize the opening track used to promote the launch of their fifth season, which will end this summer. The pictures featured inside the cover actually get the series’ original theme song running through your head as the hands, once held together, break […]

Turin Brakes – JackInABox

Turin Brakes

I’ve never heard a record out of Great Britain sound so relentlessly Californian. I’ve never heard Londoners sing about sunshine quite so sincerely. After the opening song on Turin Brakes’ JackInABox, I was convinced that they had to be from L.A. or even San Diego, or possibly Hawaii. It’s that same mellow, Jack Johnson vibe–it’s […]