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The Fleshtones – Beachhead

Garage rockers extraordinaire, The Fleshtones, have popped out their 13th studio-conceived bouncing sonic baby with Beachhead. For a band that now has a coven of LP’s, begging one to ask, “Is there any end in site?” Doubtful.


Having remained under the radar for 27 years now, The Fleshtones have achieved a cult-recognition status rivaled by the likes of the Fall, Billy Childish, and few enough others that can be counted on one hand.

Beachhead is a dedication to the 1954 Tony Curtis/Frank Lovejoy film of the same title. The Fleshtones mimic Curtis’s flawless machismo perfectly; and there is not doubt this project was well planned and sorted. (‘Tones leader, Peter Zaremba says he and guitarist Keith Streng have wanted to create this record since they were teens.’)

A relic to be in garage history, the power and persistence of Beachhead actually is one of the best releases yet from the perpetual rock machine that is The Fleashtones.


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