North Lincoln – Truth is a Menace

Take Jawbreaker’s guitar lines, intermingle them with the uplifting yelling and brawling of Hot Water Music and add lyrics about “getting drunk for no reason,” breaking “bones and vocal cords,” “generations of mis-informed Americans” and “dying to try to find something to believe in” and you’ve got North Lincoln. Are you sold on them yet? […]

Secret Lives of the Freemasons – This Was Built to Make You Dance (Here Is Your Revolution)

Secret Lives of the Freemasons

This eleven track album, released this May by the North Carolina natives Secret Lives of the Freemasons, is a smashup between Taking Back Sunday’s double vocals and Lost Prophets’ lyrical style and aggression. The group came to be through the fusion of one an indie band and another post-hardcore group. Today their make up has […]

No Wait Wait – No Wait Wait

The self titled debut album by No Wait Wait is a prototypical pop/rock record rocking back and forth from track to track, masquerading at times as a twangy, Midwestern alt-country record. Recorded in and completed in less than six months on Duluth label Chairkicker’s Union Music, the band is comprised of Marc Gartman of Pale […]

The Old Haunts – Fallow Field

The Old Haunts, from ye olde hot spot of Olympia, Washington and the fab Kill Rock Stars label, are a sassy trio who seem to have a rotating drum cast. Three people share drum credit on this record which, apparently, is their first full-length. I would make a “marching to the beat of a different […]