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No Wait Wait – No Wait Wait

The self titled debut album by No Wait Wait is a prototypical pop/rock record rocking back and forth from track to track, masquerading at times as a twangy, Midwestern alt-country record. Recorded in and completed in less than six months on Duluth label Chairkicker’s Union Music, the band is comprised of Marc Gartman of Pale Horse Rider fame on guitar, and Alan Sparhawk of the well-regarded Duluth act Low, also on guitar, as well as an assemblage of local session players.


With 12 tracks of rock song opuses, each clocking in at around 3 minutes, No Wait Wait takes their cues from other indie acts such as Pedro the Lion and The Shins, while drawing on the influences of greats such as The Cars, R.E.M., and Weezer. At times I felt induced into minor spells of yawning, but just when I started to drift off, they pulled me back in with heartache filled choruses and gentle head-bobbing metronomes before the final whispers of the last track.


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