16 Horsepower – Are They Almost Famous Yet?

David Eugene Edwards: vocals, banjo, bandoneon, and guitar.Jean-Yves Tola: percussionPascal Humbert: bass-guitar and double bass. People have been telling me since I moved to Denver that I have to check out this band, 16 Horsepower. Until recently, my exposure was limited to bar-jukeboxes, but since the band is gearing up for a mini-tour this April, […]

Lipgloss Kisses Southpark Good-bye


Lipgloss Kisses Southpark Good-bye This Friday will mark the first Lipgloss to take place in their new digs – the renovated and remodeled La Rumba on 9th and Broadway, the spot for another brit-pop, soul, and retro rock night, Revolver. Good thing too, since the roof was not necessarily on fire last Friday at Southpark, […]