Lagwagon – Blaze

What I dig most about groups like Lagwagon is they bring back distinct memories of an even more distinct era. It was the mid-‘90s and the world hadn’t yet tired of sugary punk melodies and harmonies. We still loved the incessant bap-bap-bap of the snare drum while the double bass drum thundered through yet another […]

NOFX – The War on Errorism

Critiquing the latest NOFX release is like asking for yet another interpretation of the bible – the content and conclusions remain the same. As one might expect, the usual suspects are all present and accounted for on The War on Errorism. You’ll get plenty of heavy rhythms and hooks, gut-busting lyrics (replete with so-true sociopolitical […]

Nothingface – Heavy and Original Down to the Bone – Thursday, 06.26.03

Matt Holt – vocalsTom Maxwell – guitarBill Gaal – bassTommy Sickles – drums “The Devil lives in Rome, The Devil cloaked in robes…you can’t control your own priests” screams Matt Holt on the newly released Nothingface track “Here comes the Butchers”, possibly one of the first musical backlashes from the priest molestation scandals that plagued […]