The cat’s out of the festival bag. This morning before the eggs were ready off the skillet, Riot Fest got out their line up news following yesterday’s cryptic teaser videos ("Been Caught Stealin" was one hint). Jane's Addiction fans should be happy to hear the band will perform the classic album, Ritual de lo Habitual, in its entirety, and the Hold Steady will break out the beloved tracks from Boys and Girls in America, with with Franz Nicolay no less, for the Denver (September 2 - 4) and Chicago (September 16 - 18) girls and boys.

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11 Aug 2005

Digdig! (Ondi Timoner)

Dig! is the story of two west coast bands, the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols, over seven years. The film centers around the concepts of artistic integrity, success, sacrificing for art, and facades. With equal footing, in regard to exposure, influences, and opportunity, the bands ultimately take divergent paths in their approach to music. DIY vs. room service, stumbling vs. posing etc., is an interesting watch, but when compared to the music created, fairly irrelevant.

In everything but stability, the BJM outrank the Dandy Warhols. Without today's Dandy's, Laguna Beach would be missing a theme song. Conversely, the ex-members of BJM are still living for music- from working in a record shop to playing in Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The Dandy's have written some good songs, but their last album was bland pubescent pop. BJM, surviving self-destructive antics, have put out twelve strong albums. Anton Newcombe, frontman and sole constant member of the BJM, is a prolific minstrel whose independently achieved successes rival those of bands on the upper tier of major labels.

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26 Aug 2005

9 Songs9 Songs (Michael Winterbottom)

When I first read the synopsis for this film, I was very excited. It featured both music, which included top spot bands – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Elbow, Primal Scream, Goldfrapp, and Dandy Warhols – and a provocative and sexy love story; two great entrees for any movie setting.

The concept of "9 Songs" revolves around a couple and their experiences within the halls of London’s Brixton Academy where they meet, share their love for music and themselves over the course of nine different concerts they attend.

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What can we say about The Dandy Warhols?

The members of Dandy Warhols are our modern day version of the psychedelic pop artists of days gone by, surrounding themselves with other artists and assembling their own creative love den, The Odditorium. But in contrast to their forefathers, their humble abode is not in the streets of New York, San Francisco or London. They much prefer the laid back, rich green of Portland, Oregon.

The online version of The Odditorium uses all the whiz bang web media tools available, allowing fans to peak into the Dandy's recent projects, including their latest release, Welcome To The Monkey House, the title taken from Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s book of short stories. They even did a virtual tour, where their new music was available for listening on various web sites in the scheduled tour fashion.

In the vein of Andy Warhol’s Factory, the brink and mortar version of The Odditorium is the Dandy’s warehouse headquarters, where Courtney Taylor-Taylor (guitar, vocals), Peter Lowe (guitar), Brent DeBoer (drums, vocal harmonies) and Zia McCabe (bass, keyboards, percussion) lives and works, and provides Portland’s art community with an epicenter for exposure and expression.

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25 Jul 2007

Eric Hedford, the original drummer for The Dandy Warhols, moved on to create a new band Telephone, debuting four years ago with the EP We are Telephone. He’s had several lineup changes during the production of their recently released, first full-length album, Automatic. Hedford may have left the Warhols ten years ago, but Telephone draws heavily from his old band's sound.

Friends of post-punk, psychedelic, synth, and power pop rock rejoice, for you have a new album to listen to since all these descriptions fit within the 12 songs on Automatic.

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