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Damone – From the Attic

They’ve got the rocker-quaffed hair made possible by all the right products, the sugary pop punk vocals, and they could possibly meet someone at this weekend’s Warped Tour.

And it’s all good.


It’s summer time and that means we could all use a dose of refreshment. Like a ice cold Popsicle on a sunny day, Damone’s got Noelle riding the BMX vocal bike up the ramp, smooth as silk with a dose of rock moxy the likes of other female counterparts Jenni from Red Five, Juliana Hatfield, or Liz Phair.

The backup boys Vazquez, Dave Pino, and Dustin Hengst rev their Moto-X engines, doing back flips with twists of metal riffs, speeds of punk, and the air of classic alt rock.

Dave Pino was the sole songwriter on this project, and the band’s potential could be risen a few points if he expanded his song subjects beyond high school crushes, meeting at the mall, and trips to the car wash. Their sound is tight and has all the right breaks and power chords in all the right places, but we’re lookin’ for young love a little too much at times and it tends to peak over into the, dare I say, Avril Levine ravine of mainstream “pop rock”.

On the flip side, Damone is really fun and a definite escape from any Morrissey mood you may happen to be in at the time. I can expect them to pull of a rockin’ show when they perform this weekend at Warped, providing a perfect setting for the kids to crowd surf the day away.


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