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Warlock Pinchers – Imposters

Warlock Pinchers

One could argue that The White Stripes are the poster children for the re-modernization of the D.I.Y, bedroom-recording approach. But the 30-plus artists included on the Warlock Pinchers Imposters tribute album go beyond this philosophy to prove that raw talent and imagination can exist on their own, without the services of a sound engineer or full frontal A&R assault.

To some, this collection might sound like a motley mix of amateurs simply spewing into a tiny tape recorder mic after an all-nighter of cough syrup and Coors Light. Well, call me crazy, but that sounds EXACTLY like the Pinchers to me. What better way to pay tribute to a group that was and still is Denver’s most critically acclaimed band?

Put succinctly, these precious gems are everything you would want and expect from a Pinchers Tribute disc – minimal production, sparse organization, genuine spontaneity and not an ounce of fabrication. It’s precisely what today’s fan-driven, homemade tribute albums have become. Compare this with some of the tributes crafted by record labels, and there’s absolutely no comparison.

Highlights include the opening cut “Straight Out the Dancehall” by Retard-O-Bot 2000; Scott Baio Army’s take on “Morrissey…” and “Crispin Glover…” (true old school vibe); and The Melvins’ version of “Arnie” (yes, those Melvins … how’s that for acknowledgment?). Nearly every track on this disc is a keeper, furthering the call for a much-needed minimalist music revolution.

On another local angle, if you’re looking to become another famous Coloradan, it seems the road to success starts at Littleton’s Heritage High School and continues through Boulder. It seems to have worked for the Pinchers and “South Park” co-creator Matt Stone.


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