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VHS or Beta – Night on Fire

VHS or Beta

There was a time in the ’80s when these television recording machines were changing family TV time and bringing porno into the private confines of love dens all over the country. The technology changed our pop culture world forever. But one won over another through a simple licensing deal.

So what the hell does this have to do with rock ‘n’ roll? Everything, because it’s all about that excitement of something new, the ‘clap your hands’ flair on your spiffy vest that makes everyone smile, and the feeling when I first heard the rock station 91X in San Diego, ditching my Ted Nugent records with my little brother. I was changed forever, and that glowing memory comes rushing back when VHS or Beta sets my heart on fire.

To go into comparisons VHS or Beta to those bands from days gone by is a waste of time, ’cause you’re smart enough to figure that out yourself. As Garth once said, “Life in the now!” And this Las Vegas troupe does just that with a rock suave meets funk sundae instrumental “Nightwaves,” but with just enough nostalgia to trip our lights fantastic. “Alive” is aptly named, surging with enough crisp air and helium colors to take you parasailing off the highest cliff. “Forever’s” modern twist on those vintage disco beats, jive guitars and bubbling lounge electricity makes it hard to sit and write at this friggin’ computer. I feel like throwing on my dancing shoes and heading out for the night.

I won’t have long to wait. VHS or Beta will be here in Denver at Benders Monday, October 25 with The Fever and DJs Sara T and Popken.


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