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Various Artists – The Prescription Mixtape, Vol. I – Pharmacy Musick

Using the mixtape formula (new tracks alongside rhymes over some of the dopest beats on the airwaves) to varying degrees of success, the Colorado Springs collective Pharmacy Musick have crafted a mostly likeable compilation. Most notably, the song “Back To The Hood”, a posse cut that is at once an ode to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Posse On Broadway” and a tour of the various MC’s skills. Another stand out is Big Chris’ “Bang Bang” a re-working of the classic Nancy Sinatra song “Bang Bang (my baby shot me down)”. Big-Chris is the go-to guy on the roster. His debut album Unforgiven—released in 2004—is still making noise on various internet and download sites. While here, his contributions “Watch Me Shine” and especially “The King”—where he uses a RunDMC sample to good effect, set the bar for the entire roster to rise to. His appearance here, however, is more than just inspirational. He’s setting up interest for his sophomore LP, which should be out early 2006.

Not to be outdone, the newcomers to the crew (Spliff and Phallon Sinnis) come to the table ready to rumble. Spliff, who came to Colorado via Fort Walton Beach, FL sets it off over Young Buck’s “Ride With Me”, twisting the track to give a tour of his neighborhood. While Sinnis takes over on “The Dollarado Boss”, making the Houston Playa Slim Thug’s “I’m the Boss”, his own.
The crooner of the bunch (Kool P O), a cross between T-Pain and Nate Dogg, offers up blunted music for the listeners. His “Keep Smokin’” (featuring Big-Chris and Kaz), rather like a good high, hums along to the tune of “Holdin’ On”, while the participants give up the usual weed n’ seed tales. “Beatdown”, however, another P O track, hits ‘em with plenty of that down South bass, allowing ‘the harmonizer’—as he is affectionately known—to display his raw rap skills. Pair-A-Dice, of Asthma Attack Productions, and super producer Nikolai, also contribute tracks to the proceedings.
About 20 tracks long, the album does wear thin if you try to listen to it in one sitting. But as a display of the Colorado hustle, Pharmacy Musick, just might be the addiction you’ve been waiting for. Reppin the 719 to the fullest, this is a Prescription you can get without your doctors endorsement. Makes you wonder, though, with all the talent in the Mile High, why the Springs keeps making the biggest moves.
Oh, well, CEO James Meyers has put together a nice product, cop one for the holidays.


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