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The Raveonettes – Pretty in Black

The Raveonettes

In the midst of one cloned band after another that pours from Billboard Charts, one can often turn to the oldies station for a bit of the classics going back to the slick ‘50s for a bit of inspiration. The Raveonettes have always had a vintage slant to their eclectic, sexy style, and on Pretty in Black it comes to the forefront, not only on their rendition of The Angel’s “My Boyfriend’s Back,” but on “Love In A Trashcan” that could have easily fit into the Beach Blanket Babylon soundtrack.

“Sleepwalking” slides with vapored trails of Dick Dale, slithering in black peddle pushers behind the wheel of a turquoise Chevy convertible, charging down the PCH at midnight, and “Here Comes Mary” is perfect for that moonlight dance in the high school auditorium. With a Brit Pop rhythm of Stone Roses and the dusty whiskey punch of a Robert Rodriguez film, “Somewhere in Texas” turns this Nordic duo into something bigger than the big yee-haw state.

Columbia Records


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