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Sound Providers – Looking Backwards: 2001-1998

The talented production duo known as Sound Providers have released, LookingBackwards: 2001-1998, an album full of bouncy, jazzy soundscapes. Not quite a “best of” compilation, the work does consist of a number of highlighted tracks from their short but rather storied career, including previous 12” singles and stuff they had locked in the lab. Beat minors cum rappers Jason Skills and Soulo have succeeded in presenting a work full of good vibes and party attitude. They also show why their original tri-pack, including former partner in rhyme, MC Profile, was such a force to be remembered.


Hailing from the sunny shores of San Diego, CA, they’ve cultivated a style that is long on jazzy innovation. Groovy keys, brass instrumentation, along with punchy bass lines and rousing percussion, offer the backdrop for rhymes that are at times reminiscent of Ugly Duckling. Throughout the proceedings they weave in turntable magic to keep the proceedings hip-hop. Check out “Fresh Rhymes” where Profiles skills are pushed along by a guitar lick and a Special Ed sample announcing: “Because, yo, I make fresh rhymes/ daily.”

Elsewhere, the cast gets down to brass tacks, relaying rhymes honoring the MC over the rapper. “Breath Testing” is a perfect example, as the rhymes bounce along on a choppy piano sample and understated kick and snare. Also, offering up glimpses into their evolution, included are several short instrumental tracks. These are brief displays, showcasing the talent of these two producers who were able to lure the likes of Colorado’s own Procussions, Maspyke, and Little Brother to appear on their debut album An Evening with the Sound Providers.

If you thought West coast music was all about the Bay Area and L.A.’s various neighborhoods, Sound Providers offer a case to the contrary. San Diego’s now in the house, inviting you to come along for a pleasant journey into their sound and mood.


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