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Small Towns Burn A Little Slower – Mortality as Home Entertainment

Small Towns Burn a Little Slower

In my short time reviewing CDs they have begun to blend together into a jaded mix of useless musical offerings. Therefore it was no shock to experience déjà vu when first listening to this record’s first track entitled “Forget the Fashion.” In the midst of the listening experience I pinpointed the similar style that I had heard before. Small Towns sound like they’re close cousins to Motion City Soundtrack, and when I later found out that a member of MCS actually plays on the track, I was far from surprised.

Aside from the pathetic plagiarism of the first track, this record’s black sheep was no reflection upon the rest. One of my favorites, “It’s a Dead Curse,” features a really original twist upon the usual punk alternative mix. It doesn’t attempt to harmonize the music in an extreme fashion, but at the same time doesn’t depart its regulations. I also noticed that the actual music is more important in this record than individual ego a surprising little addition. This could be seen by the volume of voice compared to instrument, which had a perfect balance of the limelight.

Well, beside the introductory track this record’s worth a listen. Unfortunately, for me I don’t think I will ever get over the insult of track one.


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