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Sanawon – Tiny Airplane


Small things can come in dynamite packages. Such is the case of the petite singer Jenny Choi and her Tiny Airplane. Choi has been going solo for some time, tagging on tours with the likes of dreamy, contemplative pop stars like Seam and Versus, but these days she co-pilots Sanawon with drummer Philip Stone.

Choi is captivating, with an angelic, dripping in cotton candy essence. But don’t let her songbird style fool you. Underneath lies a woman full of moxy, determination, and a lyrical bite. Songs encompass her keyboards, vocals, cello moments and Stone’s bubbling rhythms, flowing from one track to another seamlessly. The ride takes you through the skies, orbiting around cloudy grayness that can, at a moment’s notice, turn to blinding sunshine.

Being a part of the roster line up for Mike Park’s on the Plea For Peace tour was a perfect fit for Choi, having played her part in activism for the past few years coordinating the Asians In Rock (AIR) tour that featured over 15 bands for a 17 city tour across the Midwest, East and West coasts.

Sanawon plays this Saturday, May 14 at Hi-Dive along with Giant Haystacks, Modern Crime and Joshua Novak.


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