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Various Artists – Komposi003

Positron! Records “mission statement” proclaims they release “eclectic music by eccentric artists.” A statement of such magnitude generates a cautious approach.

Just what is eclectic anyway? Eclectic artists’ off the top of my head quickly, I’d say: the Orb, Boards of Canada, Amon Tobin, Shpongle, and for good measure throw on some Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk and anything Luke Vibert touches.

Now think about that map for a moment—(pause…), and analyze the flow and the experimentalist nature of those artists. Hopefully a vision appeared and acted as a manifestation within the cranium.


Okay, jargon and stinging brainwork aside, the compilation entitled Komposi003 demonstrates this eclecticism Positron!l so promotes. Sounding much like a bastard conglomeration of the list presented above, Komposi003 connects the dots and fills in the holes.

The 11-track compilation is a celebration of electronia, specifically listeners with an affinity for all things ethereal and introspective. Represented is anything from heady downtempo to meandering psychedelia, delivered in the diverse styles of IDM, trip-hop, glitch and industrial.

Thankfully, it isn’t predicable. Each track is easily distinguishable—one moment spaced with Micronaut’s “Quartz Clock,” the next startled into the bluesy fuzz “Be There Tonight” by Chris Randall (interestingly by the same artist). The entire disc is presented in this way—jumpy and fragmented, yet strangely functional and stable.

Other tracks of note include the dance floor oriented “Culture Shock” by Scanalyzer, the female vocal trip-hop from Atomica “Airways,” and the tripped-out ambience “euphondisson” by s.sturgis (reassembled by Chris Randall from Micronaut). Also included and finishing Komposi003 is the track “Sink” from long-time Chicago industrial minded act Sister Machine Gun.

For Positron! Recordings, this compilation alone is enough to back up claim of eclecticism. While it isn’t electronica meant to burn up the dancefloor, it’s definitely music to get the synapses firing—a perfect companion for the late night comedown.


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