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Various Artists – Reinterpretations: Inspired by the Works of Kitaro – Kanpai Records


To understand how this compilation was inspired by Kitaro you first have to know Kitaro and his musical history. For over 30 years his compositions have brought worlds of nature and ancient Japanese instrumentation together with the worlds of rock and modern electronics. I typically don’t include quotes when reviewing music, but this I wanted to pass this one along because of its message.

Kitaro says, “I love classical music, which is like pictures, and rock music, to me, means power and energy. We have music so we can feel the Universe.”

To hear and understand this is to hear and appreciate the many works on Reinterpretations, which is filled with impressionist’s color schemes and spaceship electronic dance graphics all on the same canvas. This music series wasn’t meant for your message therapist’s relaxation collection, although many moods are calm and serene. With the cloud like textures and sitar soundscapes are plenty of beats, breaks, and chunks of dance rhythm. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a ride through the mountains, on your headphones while practicing Tai Chi, or in any situation where you’re looking to calm your soul and awaken your body.


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