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The Paper Dolls Presents – Bring Your Own Beauty (BYOB) Pin-Up Contest 2009 – Saturday, July 18 in Colorado Springs // Thursday, July 23 in Denver

Paper Dolls

When my mom would regale me with her memories of living in Chicago in the ‘50s, there were two major events she held onto with fondness for all her years: one was becoming a stewardess (not flight attendant) for PanAm airlines in the Windy City, and the other was volunteering her time to dance with the soldiers at the USO. I still have her USO pin in my jewelry box.

The USO is still alive a well across the country and in our own Rocky Mountain state. The Paper Dolls pin-up photography company and their new pin-up contest series, “Bring Your Own Beauty” or BYOB for short, picked a perfect charity partner in the USO, a dancing partner with which to raise funds and support a wonderful, long-standing institution.

 BYOB welcomes one and all women to discover the beauty that lies within all of them through the Paper Dolls unique pin-up photo session technique.

Paper Dolls will be hosting a series of BYOB events both in Denver and Colorado Springs over the course of six weeks, with the first kicking off this weekend:


Saturday July 18, 2009, 9PM-midnight
Colorado Springs BYOB Contest Launch – Rocket Room, 230 Pueblo Avenue, 80903

Denver BYOB Contest Launch – Gin Mill, 2401 Larimer Street, 80205,
Thursday July 23, 2009, 8:00PM-11:00PM

This six week series will be accompanied by live music, pin-up photography, art show, give aways, a fashion show and burlesque.

By bringing your OWN beauty to this contest, you’re giving yourself a gift while also giving back to a worthy cause. A portion of the money raised will go to supporting the USO and all they’ve been delivering since before World War II – a special brand of comfort, morale and recreational services to the military.

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