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Life the MC – Bigger Than Life

Life The MC came up with the Rraahh Foundashun crew; Denver hip-hop legends. Being that he’s been doing his thing for a minute, he’s cocksure and lyrically assured. For his first solo LP, Bigger Than Life, he gets help from fellow shun Soulpowa, and up-and-coming beatsmith SPDouble. But most of his production is helmed by current affiliate, Status, who infuses this project with head nodding, powerful beats.

The album sets out to solidify Life’s reign at the top of the Colorado rap heap, just check out the seductive “One & Only,” and the earnest “Most High.” However, Life also gets vulnerable with tales of his kids—the upbeat “Your Name Is…”—and hope, with the reggae influenced “Dem Who” featuring strong vocals from Ro’Mello.


Keeping the features down to a minimum keeps the focus where it should be: on the MC. So, while fellow Rhaahh crew alum, Shunfist, adds his grimy insights to the orchestral “The Pain,” Status makes the only other vocal appearance, offering up equally pungent lyrics over the relentless movement of “Make It Stop.”

“Nightmare on Wolff St,” with its screaming vocal sample and horror soundtrack vibe, would not be out of place at a psychopathic show. And “World War Th3ory,” mellower in its sound, shows that Life can also tell a good story. The reggae influenced “Holiday” is a love shout to the MC’s better half, and it goes down nice without feeling forced. While “Mercy Me” rides a simplistic percussive blast and keyboard chord progression, it harks back to the days when rappers could flip clever metaphors and wit along with their braggadocio.

A well respected MC, Life exudes the sort of charisma that had folks jocking the ever so brief appearance LL made in the movie “Krush Groove.” So, if you’re down for a real MC, then you should definitely cop this joint. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something a little less lyrical, this one ain’t for you. Radio suckers won’t play this!


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