The Junior Varisty – Wide Eyed

The Junior Varsity‘s latest release, Wide Eyed, succeeds in being one of the only bands on Victory that I’ve heard that didn’t sound exactly every other band on the label. These guys manage to create an instrumental ambience right at the opening of the first track that leaves the listener stunned and completely sucked in […]

Darkest Hour – Undoing Ruin

After the release of their Victory Records debut in 2001 entitled, So Sedated, So Secure, Darkest Hour spent the next two years solid, touring the world (headlining club tours as well as stints on Ozzfest and Warped Tour), absorbing snapshots of foreign cultures along the way, and trying to understand the world’s view of Americans.

Sinai Beach – Immersed

Sinai Beach

Remember riding your bike when you were like 12, turning on to an unfamiliar street, and encountering your first experience with death metal blaring from the inside of the house that had the coyote/wolf blanket hung in the window as a curtain—then pedaling home in fear to watch something wholesome like Saved By The Bell, […]

Straylight Run – Straylight Run

Straylight Run

I haven’t been one to hitch a ride on this surge of emo-core bands that seem to dominate the covers of Alternative Press and the MTV airwaves, and I’ll have to admit that I took Straylight Run for another cloned concoction. After realizing that two members, John Nolan (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Shaun Cooper (bass) […]