TOPR – Marathon Of Shame

Long before he ever slept on my couch, I knew TOPR as the dude who would ignite a show with a vicious freestyle then slang you a tape and spit another verse for free on your way out. He was everywhere dope rap was in Frisco, and you never forgot him because he was that […]

Topr and Conceit – Moving on to Gurp City


Next Friday, May 16 San Francisco rapper, TOPR, will arrive with his crew – Dick Nasty, Foul Mouth Jerk (GFE), and ATM – ready to perform with Denver’s Input and Drzen at the Kaffeine Buzz Street-2-Screen graffiti and hip-hop party at Falcon Bowl. But first – Kaffeine sat down with TOPR and Conceit, who are […]