Ukraine Is Not A Brothel – SXSW 2014 Accepted Film

Ukraine’s Femen is a topless protest movement, taking a literal ‘in your face’ approach to address the exploitation of women that’s taken place in their country for decades. Stating that 99% of Ukraine women don’t know what feminism is, their aim  is to turn that statistic on its head.

I Give It A Year – SXSW 2013 Film

Relationships can be funny and maddening, if you look at them in hindsight and with a large slice of both humor and sarcasm. “I Give It A Year” is hilarious from beginning to end, taking the typical romantic comedy mold and blowing it up through a ceiling fan with feathers flying, a highly welcomed gesture […]

The Gits – SXSW Film Festival

The Gits (Kerri O’Kane) “When Jessy and I first heard The Gits, we both knew that this band was truly unique and innately talented,” says documentary filmmaker, Kerri O’Kane. And the Jessie she refers to is Jessica Bender, a friend and film colleague that would go on to produce her film, which chronicles the life […]