Lydia Lunch – Willing Victim

Lydia Lunch

Lydia Lunch-Willing Victim (Music Video Distributors/Atavistic) I was trying to explain Lydia Lunch to a friend, whose musical tastes run far more toward the mainstream, who called me while I was watching this DVD. He asked what type of music it was, and I said, “It’s hard to explain.” “Is it like Bjork or something?” […]

Lydia Lunch – Smoke in the Shadows

Lydia Lunch is dangerous. She’s as punk rock as Jello Biafra, as jazzily poetic as Tom Waits and as psychosexually creepy as Nick Cave, with a breathy-orgasmic voice. The fact that she isn’t as well known as any of those men is a crime. She comes on like a beatnik witch on her newest release, […]