Various Artists – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Album – Bulletporr/Nitrus/DRT Records

For as long as I can remember, Horror movies have used metal bands on soundtracks. Shocker, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: the Dream Warriors, and more recently, House of a Thousand Corpses and Freddie vs. Jason are all great examples of this phenomenon. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – this album falls in line with […]

Jagermeister Music Tour – Slayer, Hatebreed, Arch Enemy, Skinlab – November 16, 2003 – Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO


SLAY-ER, SLAY-ER, SLAY-ER. Before any band hits the stage, before every band takes the stage you hear the chant: SLAY-ER, SLAY-ER, SLAY-ER. When “the greatest thrash metal band of all time” headlines the Denver Coliseum, it is truly a special event. They use the theater setting, and as a result the hall is less than […]