Prince Paul – Itstrumental

Aside from Kanye West, there are few producers in the game who are as prolific as Prince Paul; Paul just doesn’t have the bling to match his bangin’ tracks. Though Prince Paul will probably be remembered most for his groundbreaking contributions to De La Soul’s classic LP 3 Feet High and Rising, or more recently, […]

Likwit Junkies – L.J.’s

The Likwit Crew is known for its MC prowess (The Alkaholiks, Xzibit, and King Tee). The Beat Junkies are known for their “diggin’ in the crates”, lucid hip hop tracks and turntable techniques. So when the best of both worlds (no disrespect to R.Kelly and Jay-Z) come together to form the Likwit Junkies, it should […]