Cass McCombs – Friday, February 3 – Hi-Dive – Denver

And they say that social media is full of useless blabber, filled with cupcake-eating updates from so-and-so. From the snowy road this past Friday, Cass McCombs’ keyboardist, Will Canzoneri, posted this to the band’s Facebook page, “We’re on our way, coming down 76. Roads ain’t so bad. If we make it, we’re playing.”

Cass McCombs – Winter 2012 Tour

 As we try to survive these divided times, “Love Thine Enemy” from Cass McCombs’ 2011 release, Humor Risk, is a welcomed vibe compared to what exists outside our headphones. One that, whether intentionally or not, reminds us that no matter how much we’re surrounded my complete B.S. and hypocrisy, especially during this fierce and comical […]