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Thunderhank – Thunderhank E.P.

Right in time for the season when nature is blooming, emerging from the frost and frozen winter, is the debut E.P. from Los Angeles duo, Thunderhank. Comprised of five flowing tracks, blossoming with welcoming beats and lazy, veiled vocals, the E.P. is the follow up to their popular first emergence song, “Tracker.” (the band has chosen to make their tracks private at the moment…keeping the embed in the event they make them public again.)

Originating in Delaware, and then transplanted from Philly to Los Angeles, the mood and effervesce of “Flat Rock” feels to have already enveloped the more subdued days of Southern California, where the sun slides along the skies as slowly as the traffic on the 405 (but in a much more enjoyable fashion).

There’s a mix of both organic and electronic, which is appreciated and felt most in the samba percussion of “Jenni,” enough to order an umbrella drink and hit repeat. But with the ‘last but not least’ track “Jacked,” the layering of sounds are interwoven so seamlessly that your thoughts turn away from process and just into the song itself, into the play that goes from one eardrum to the other, with the senses giving way to visions of lollipops dancing in your head, sans chemical influences.

While the brothers that make up Thunderhank, Sam and Henry Bellingham, have just the five-finger song history as of now, I expect they have even more goodies in their pocket. I personally can’t wait to hear more from them in the months and years to come. The Thunderhank E.P. will be released April 11 on iTunes.


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