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2nd Suburban Home Distribution Sampler is Ready and They Want To Give Them Out For Free

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The 2nd Suburban Home Distribution sampler is ready and they want to give them out for free. All they ask is to go to their web site,, and complete their survey on your lifestyle habits, such as what stores you shop at, what zines you read, and more.

Here’s what you can expect from the Suburban Home Distribution Sampler #2.

Suburban Home Sampler1. ACTION TOOLBELT – “Action Toolbelt”
2. ADVENTURES OF JET – “Emily Mazurinsky”
3. ALLI WITH AN I – “Mixed Emotions”
4. ANTI ANTI – “Don’t You Know”
5. ATTENTION: – “Heartattack”
7. BORN TO LOSE – “The Fallen”
8. COUNTERFIT – “Better Late than Never”
9. CURL UP AND DIE – “Utah: The whoopie cushion of America”
10. MIKE FELUMLEE – “Something Better”
11. THE GAMITS “Spec”
12. GOODWILL – “Let it Go”
13. HONOR SYSTEM – “Cadence!”
14. LAYMEN TERMS – “May”
15. PREMONITIONS OF WAR – “Hanging Man”
16. REUNION SHOW – “Art of Nothing”
17. RUTH’S HAT – “Don’t Walk Away”
18. THE SCARIES – “Counting Scars”
19. STEREOTYPERIDER – “Ones for You”
20. TAKEN – “Never An Answer”
21. ULTIMATE FAKEBOOK – “Electric Kissing Parties Pt. 1”

Statusburn has also completed their local metal and hardcore compilation. They put together the whole thing with their own funds, and although they don’t charge for the CD since it’s “sole purpose is to get local music more exposure,” they are more than happy to accept donations from anyone. Go to and click on CD compilation to email for your own copy.

Volume 1

1. Aggressive Persuasion “Changing”
2. Sickbox “My World”
3.TripCage “Insane”
4. Kronow “Dream Again”
5. Switchpin “Follow”
6. FaiL-YerZ “ParkinGarage”
7. Feature981 “A New Beginning”
8. Deadsound “One Shot”
9. Dun Moloch “Brought Down By God”
10. Disorder “Alone”
11. Malignari “Black Goat Of The Woods”
12. Brutal Infliction “Suffocate The Dead”

You Know Me Productions Celebrates Their One-Year Anniversary

After teaching over 100 students the skills and business practices involved in becoming a successful DJ, You Know Me celebrates with an Anniversary party this Thursday at Opal in Denver. They’ve also recruited Tom Hoch from Mile High House, one of the most well known DJ and Producer collectives in Colorado, to be an instructor for their Advanced DJ Course. They also encourage House and Breakbeat DJs to participate in Sound Specific Artist Management talent search. The deadline for demo submissions has been extended for two weeks when the performance segment of the competition will begin. For more information, send an email to


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