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The Ergs – Upstairs/Downstairs

There has a been a discussion about pop punk as of late, that the bands like Panic At The Disco have taken over the definition of this genre where Blink 182 left off. Of course, the argument is futile most of the time because music is in the ear of the beholder.


Taking the high road, I’d like to champion those that, IMHO, are carrying the torch for the die-hard punk lovers and rockers. That being said, my thanks go out to Dirtnap Records who have been churning out a number of solid releases, The Ergs being one of them.

Happy and aggressive, bouncing and thrashing, you’ll get the run-around on Upstairs/Downstairs, but in a good way.

Yes, there are songs about girls, like “See Him Again,” which plays out like a modern day, ‘50s Motown hit, complete with innocence and heartache. Then it’s time to grab your buddy and a bottle of JD, sobbing so sweetly as “Stinking of Whiskey Blues” sings you a drunken lullaby.

It’s interludes like these, in between the dragstrip, adrenaline rush tracks like “The Second Foundation,” “Trouble in River City, and “Bike Shoppe” that extend The Erg’s songwriting styles into a number of different camps. The summer months are right around the corner, so pack this one for road trips and backyard BBQs.


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