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The Knew – Boom Bust

To warm up the Yule Log for its showcase at the DPUM on August 2, The Knew comes out of the songwriting closet with a new EP, Boom Bust, packing a whole album’s worth of energy into a small, convenient package.


Retaining their sense and sensibility for rockabilly-ish-esque indie ditties, “Be Yourself” is a Kangaroo Jack jump fest, bouncing with the free energy of bra-less Dolly Parton during a 7.0 earthquake. I’m guessing “Revolver” was the inspiration behind the EP’s artwork, but either way, this track’s loaded with plenty of slide guitar goodness.

But it’s “Renaissance Man” that really spotlights the band’s progression over the years, with a build up that will no doubt get the crowd spilling their Old Style with complete disregard for their pristine brew cozys at this Saturday’s EP Bash at Hi-Dive.


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