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Signor Groove – Scrambodia

Signor Groove is a Seattle-based neo-funk collective fronted by the group’s name-sake, who jams out soulful rock, but not with a whole lot of depth.

Elements of Har Mar Superstar appear on Scrambodia—the outfit’s second LP—but they aren’t provocative enough to be that dirty. There’s a bit of Beck, but not nearly as twisted, and hints of Sly and the Family Stone sans any underlying message.


The music is reasonably cool—it’s funk, after all; which is hard to destroy (lest we forget some of Les Claypool’s projects and a few un-listenable Red Hot Chili Peppers bits). The seven-piece tends to keep things interesting, although their production is unnecessary simple.

Lyrically, S.G. is a bit unimpressive with no standout hooks. This could be saved if Signor Groove had the sexiness to supplement the subject-matter. Essentially, if Signor Groove is sensual and slinky, the band’s size and presence might make this a good live gig. Unfortunately, the recording is just mediocre.


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