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What the Bleep? – Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

What the Bleep? – Down the Rabbit Hole

The sequel to What the Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole digs deeper into the connection we all have to each other and all living things, going against the dogma of religion and scientific belief that separate all of us. The scientists from the first movie are back discussing all aspects of quantum mechanics and asking simple question that make us pause. How much do you want to know about your true nature? What is it to be a human being and how can quantum physics be used to create a new paradigm?

This is also an extension of the book, What the Bleep, that that discusses reality, what do we really see and how does our perceptions of the world and ourselves create the life we live in day to day.

Using bits from the first film, they present the world as an organism, and we as inhabitants of this world are all connected at a very deep level. This brings about a whole new realization of accountability, because what we do and how we live has consequences not just with ourselves but with others around the world that we may never know, consciously. Although space gives the illusion of separateness, we are in fact all “entangled” through this invisible unity.

This revolutionary quantum world also causes us to change our thinking about time and how waves of information travel from the past, to the present, to the future and back again. Through scientific experiments, that explain how this actually happens.

Many experiments are presented, but one of the most interesting came from The Hidden Messages in Water from Dr. Masaru Emoto, which was presented in the first film. This time they interviewed the researcher, who explains how he projected positive and negative thoughts onto water. Taking pictures of the water under the microscope, positive and loving thoughts affected the molecules so that the picture looked like a snowflake, while negative thoughts looked like a messy glob. They also remind us that 95% of our bodies are made of water, causing us to think more seriously about how we change our own molecules down the cellular level in positive and negative ways.

We are doused with so much information on a daily basis, which has made us all ADD. When we can’t be an observer of anything for more than a few moments, we are put into a state of response instead of creation. It’s no wonder consumerism is so rampant. This also keeps us from creating the life we really want and traps us in this day to day grind we all complain about.

This is the type of movie, as was the first, that you need to own when it becomes available. It all goes back to the topics at hand, being able to open your mind to new realities and paradigms. It takes a few times for your brain to grasp this journey down the rabbit hole, but it’s worth your time to take the trip many times over.


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